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Q: Will my tickets for last years event be good for this year?

A: Any tickets purchased for 2020 will be honored for this years event, your name will be on a list at the entrance tent to be admitted.

Q: What COVID rules will be in place?

A: 1. There will be COVID registration at the entrance tent

You will be asked your name number and vaccination status.

2. We ask that you Mask when walking around or dancing

3. Vaccination is not mandatory but highly encouraged.

4. Finally please practice Social Distancing.

Q: Will there be day passes this year or only weekend passes?

A: Due to reduced number of attendees this year we will only have weekend passes available.

Q: Can I bring my dog and/or kids?

A: This is an adult event in an open air field, Kids this year would require their own ticket for head count and tracking purposes.

Your dogs are welcome but please keep a close eye on them and pick up any droppings.


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Velvet Langille
Velvet Langille
Mar 23, 2022

Now for 2022, are all these rules out the window !!? ...Covid related

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